October 7, 2014

Lombok Here We Come

So in September we made a trip to Lombok, Indonesia. The usual McDonald meal before every flight.

Once we arrived in Lombok, we rented 2 cars to travel to the Jetty. Before that, we made a pit-stop at a restaurant for lunch.

The mango juice and food wasn't that great. How I wish we were in Thailand, all of us were craving for Tom Yum Gong. As you can see, the chicken we ordered is very Skinny!
After our late lunch, we went straight to the Jetty and took a speed boat to the Island. From the Island jetty, we took a "Jedomo" to the hotel. It is about 4km from the Jetty to our hotel.
What is a 'Jedomo'? Horseyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Guess which hotel we stayed in? Update next......

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