September 21, 2014

Oh~Busy Bee

Just realized after starting my job in a new place, I have been so busy (even busier than before)
I miss having the-more than enough time for myself moments. But I have no choice because in order to have a better future, I have to give in and put in the triple effort.

Just a couple of updates about 'Me'

1) Quit my first job and started my career in a new place.....

2) Admitted to the Hospital a day before my First day of work......Lmao!

3) My first Video Shoot with TricycleTV
Video here
Photo taken from TriCycle Tv FB Page
4)Met up with a few of my long lost buddies

5) Night out with my Finally

6)The one and only event I attended in so many months

7) Maybe I am just too old for 'Loud'-events.....I prefer coffee hunting and peaceful beer moments with close friends.

8) Did the #ALSIceBucketChallenge
Video link below:

9) Went on a short Island Trip (which means updates soon)
Photo: Beromantic ditepi pantai

10) Had a hair makeover twice in 2months. Haha! (Record breaking...usually I only do it every 6months only)
And this is how I look now....tadaaaaaaa

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