January 7, 2013

Sunday Post: Dimmmm summmmm

Dim Sum on a weekend!

Shereton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur is still my favourite place to go for Chinese dim sum. Despite the heavy traffic and distance, it is quite worth the journey.

 The setting of the place
 I love how you can eat dim sum with class
 Usually if if there's only two person, 5 dish is enough. The portion is pretty huge and filling.
Highlight: Abalone Siew Mai
The Final dish. First time trying the Manggo Dessert

nom nom nom

There goes my weekend

Have a good week people!

2 lollipops :

Hilda Milda™ said...

Fuiyohhh, dimsum with class :3 Wo ye yaoooo. The abalone siu mai looks yummmmy *drools

Henry Tan said...

omg! abalone siu maiiiii~~~ yum yum1!!