July 22, 2012

Fearless to Furless

Many of the girls and even guys I know now go for waxing. Waxing is like a common thing now, it's like a trend, especially to girls, having a single tiny hair on their body parts except on the head of course, lol! is like 'DEATH'.. It's a serious BIG NO NO.

I recently went to a new waxing place called 'FURLESS' which have just opened for about a month.
They provide all types of waxing services from top to toe and the price is reasonable too.
 Before you begin, for first time customer, you'll have to fill in your details.
Fay was my 'pampering therapist' of the day.
The room is pretty cozy, but I would love it more if it's a little more dimmer.
Fay introduced to me the type of waxes they have. They have 2 types; hard wax and strip wax.
They currently have 3 types of hard wax which is suitable for small area such as armpit, or face.
See the different colour of wax..
The first one(right at the end)  is suitable for short and harsh hair.
The middle dark coloured wax is for thin fine hair and the third pinkish wax is for the more intimate area and sensitive skin.

As for the strip wax, is for a more large area like your limbs.
After explanation from Fay, it's time for waxing. SCARY okay!

Let me explain to you all about the process of waxing, for those of you who have never tried waxing, you should. It isn't as painful as you think. Seriously, for someone like me who have low pain tolerance, can accept waxing, I'm pretty sure you can.

Before they begin the treatment, they will start off with sanitizing process first for hygiene purposes.

1) Sanitize
2) It's some oil which is used to protect your skin during the waxing process.
3) If u're using hard wax, a spatula will be used to spread the wax (The spatula is not recycled, they will throw it away after being used-for hygiene purposes) So I'm pretty impressed with it.
4) After waxing, Fay applied a cooling gel, and also a lotion to hydrate your skin.

and Tadaaaaaaa I'm all done.

Time for Beer!

I went home to shower after that and I found a few strand of hair left, guess she missed out a few strands as it's way too fine. LOL. But it's still Clean and Smooth.

Do check out Furless as they are having promotion now, and girls it is worth it!
For FIRST Timers, you'll get 50% off your total bill! Worth it or what!
Go wax your 'whole body' and it will only cost you less than RM150!!!

Do check out their website here to find out more.

Or call to make an appointment
+603-7931 7326

FURLESS is located at:
21-M, Block B, Jaya One,
No 72A Jalan Universiti,
46200 PJ, Selangor.

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Ohhhh you went too? :P Scared lahh! I think I have low tolerance of pain too >.<