May 13, 2012

Tea Chansii from Taiwan


Another new hit for those of you who love bubble tea and Taiwanese drinks and snacks! I am a bubble tea lover and the bf too!

Was invited to the opening of Tea Chansii @ Tropicana city mall last month. Initially I thought it was just another bubble tea shop like the rest. However I was tempted to find out more since they are so many bubble tea shop in the market, why another right?

No kidding but I was pretty amazed by the concept of Tea Chansii which is originated from Taiwan. Their concept are purely fresh and healthy! You might be wondering, what sorta tea that have a healthy concept right?
 The boss of Tea Chansii with Choo Mei Sze
 At Tea Chansii they have various types of tea such as the Tea series, Mixed Fruit Tea Series, Fruit Tea Series and Freshly Brewed Tea Series. Sounds tempting eh?
All of their freshly brewed tea series are freshly made and brewed on the spot which includes the Tar Tar Green Tea, Japanese Style Roasted Tea and the Peach Oolong Tea to ensure the customers are able to get maximum freshness and taste of the teas!

You might not believe me, but I have witness it with my own eyes!
Let me show you how it is done!
 Freshly brewed tea leafs
The fresh ingredients
Steps on how the drinks are made based on your orders
Last step sealed it up and we're done!
Also for those of you who do not like it too sweet, the sugar and ice content of all the teas can be adjusted by to suit individual preferences while basil seed, cranberry jelly, peppermint jelly, mango jelly, herbal jelly and aloe vera may be added to the drinks for an additional of just RM1.00 each.
This is their famous British Fruit Tea-RM 6.90 (Mixed Fruit tea series) which is also one of my personal favourite. I highly recommend this. Love how they have the freshly cut small sized cubes of fruits inside, while drinking it I can actually munch on the fruits. 

For those of you whom parents complain you do not eat fruits, there you can show them "I got eat frutis lor" That's what I told my mum when I got home. Haha!
Apparently, the Mixed fruit tea series contains the most Vitamin C and it is strongly believe that the consumption of tea is beneficial to health and longevity. Also tea contains L-theanine, which once consumed it delivers calmness but also provide an alert mental state in humans. Good for someone like me,since I am always feeling tired and anxious!

Not just me, Belle Belle love it too!
 Love how they package the bottle. Small and cute! And it can be carried around easily.

Apart from fruit teas, Tea Chansii also sells popcorns!
Yes you heard me, so Popcorn lovers you seriously gotta try this!
One of the best thing about their popcorn is that it's high in dietary fiber and low in calories and fat. So you can eat all you want without worrying of putting on weight!LOL!

Their Popcorns comes in 7 flavours- Original, Caramel, Mexican Chili, Dried Seaweed, Japanese Curry, Strawberry and Wasabe. The boss also told us that there will be more flavours coming up. I am waiting!
The popcorn comes in 2 different sizes. The can pop corn cost about RM 10.90. The packaging is really good and you can keep it for about a week and their popcorns are freshly made at their Central kitchen to ensure it's crunchy. I like the Mexican Chilli popcorn, it really is addictive! I can eat it non-stop!

In case you wanna enjoy your movie in the cinema with some yummy flavoured popcorn, you can actually purchase the smaller cup which cost only RM4.90. Which was what I did...shhhhhhhhhh.
See Belle enjoying her seaweed flavoured popcorn and eating non-stop, she have the whole bottle to herself!
Haha, just kidding, we girls shared among us. Seriously yummy man!
Another one of their famous dessert which originates from Italy, is the Tea Chansii Panna cotta which is made from fresh milk!!!

  It comes in 5 flavours- Original, Mango, Cranberry, Peach and Chocolate.
Rm 5.90 each.
 My personal favourite and also the girls favourite is the peach and mango flavored panna cotta.
Chammaine and I
 Its so delicious that I gotta packet 2 cans home and enjoy it with a bottle of Fresh Fruit Tea!
To tell you the truth in my entire life, I don't quite like popcorn, I will never want to order it even when I go for movies unless my friends wants it. If you don't believe me you can ask the bf. I always say No to popcorn. 
But I got home that night and I was enjoying my favourite TVB series while enjoying the Mexican Chilli popcorn, and without even realizing, I finished half a can in less than 20minutes!!!!!!! Goodness me! Thank god it's not fattening! But I actually love the popcorn here! Now popcorn from TeaChansii is my current addiction!

 So y'all heard alot about Tea Chansii, give it a try. Here's a video, enjoy!
Tea Chansii, Tropicana Mall:

Located at Lower Ground,
No.3 Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
To find out more about Tea Chansii Malaysia's promotions, log onto their facebook at

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love their tea and pop corn`

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popcorns! i love it :) so well-packed there

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