April 27, 2012

Life as a physiotherapist student.....waiting for my graduation day.

It was just two months back when the girls and I were ranting about studying.... with our usual "Need to study ah?" "Omg la...what is this?" "lazy laaaaaaa!" "seriously, need so many things ah?" "sleeepy man, lets go home"

It's as if it was just yesterday, we girls were ranting and complaining and playing around. Except Rachel of cuz, she's our Mama Rabbit and we're her bunnies. If it wasn't for her, who pushes us to study and be serious, and if we,ourselves didn't put in effort, we won't be graduating as a proud kid and be who we are today.
We studied up to late night during the final 2 weeks of our exams. This is us looking all ghostly-like with eye bags that can kill you. Never in my life I studied this crazy, the last time was during the 'PMR' examination....Gawd, that was centuries ago! I'm old!
 While studying, we were counting down to the days to our exams, and our trip=) 
Excited but nervous as days come fast..
It's like I want to get over it asap, but at the same time I need more time.
It was Sunday, the final day of our exams. We were practicing right up till 4pm, and we were the last to leave the gym. We even asked our lecturer if we can stay longer, and they were like 'Why study so much? Go back and rest" gawd! You cannot imagine how crazy we all were....Hence we find other alternative and manage to get another gym to ourselves=)
It was like doom's day, initial plan was to get to bed early and wake up at 6am. However, we ended up mumbling in our sleep and manage to sleep only at 3am, got up at 7am (we couldn't get up, until Rachel's mum called, thank goodness) 

Rachel was the first to go on a Tuesday, 8.40am.
Khai Ven is at 9.10am
My turn was at 10.30am, and 
Ning's at 12.30pm

We went early to give support to one another. KKV and Rachel completed their exams, they got the same question! How lucky! They were camwhoring while Ning and I still studying and preparing for our turn.
1pm, we all completed our exams! We all got the same strand which was Musculoskeletal but different questions(except Rachel and KKV) Basically we got questions from top to toe... which was 
Shoulders, Lower Back and Knees. Happy as a duck, we quack all the way....

The 3 of us, seriously my eyes can barely open!

The next day we decided to hang out and celebrate before we start preparing for our next exam,presentation!
We were busy looking for info on our trips, and then we felt everything was shaking. We were on the 9th floor. People were screaming outside, we got panicked and we started running down the stairs in our pajamas and slippers and looking all ugly and it was 4PM! who the hell still clad in pjs at 4pm! ONLY US!
We were all evacuated and we waited for like 20minutes before we can get back into college.
This was my first time experiencing this incident of 'Earth Quake' and it really taught me a lot in that 20minutes and only God and myself knows what. I will never forget this.
At 6pm, we dressed up and was busy make up-ing and taking pictures before we head out for dinner, and we felt another shake! Gwad!!!! Seriously! We ran all the way down again, this time all dressed up and we went straight into the car.

Off we go to Kissaten, Jaya One. It was such a big change as though nothing happened. It was just 10minutes ago that we ran down from 9th floor, drove all the way out with students still evacuating from college. The moment we step into Kissaten, everyone was nicely seated, having their meals, talking and laughing. It's like nothing ever happen, one moment chaos chaos and the very next peace and quiet.
At Kissaten, we started off our conversation with real life stories that each of us experienced. Gun shot, killer, robbery, snatch thief...No joke SCARY! and we proceed to Ghost stories! Seriously, you may ask? Yes! If you wanna listen to real life Ghost Stories, I can tell you. It's so scary that the girls now, dare not look into the mirror at night, and they wash their feet when they come home late night *occasionally* LOL!

Then we still haven't get enough of 'studying' we head to The Library, Midvalley. Took lotsa pictures with the girls, had lotsa fun!

Guess what, some guy clad in boxers who was having his bachelors party approached us to snap a picture with the 5 of us. Wonder if they posted it up on their wedding slide? LOL!
Our 'very safe sex on the beach'
 My MaMa Bunny!
 My sayangs, I love them alot=)
The famous 5?

and before we end the night
 This was suppose to be a model-like pose. Pass or not? lol! Not bad for Nerds like us right. hahahaha!

It was after all my exams, and we had our very first Degree Student LED programme.
All of us were excited, and happy, because it was also the day we get our results.
The girls gone crazy after weeks of sleepless night!
Our very own signature pose- ITband stretching *winks*
It was also the day where I was one of the 'lucky' four who got selected in my class to present my slide on 'Contextual Issues.' Nervous as hell as I had to present my slide at the auditorium, in front of classmates, juniors, lecturers and invited guests. Not only that, I am also the lucky girl to be the FIRST presenter!
The event started with some speech given by our VIPS and then it was my turn *butterflies everywhere*
Happy that I manage to present it confidently, although I was pretty nervous.

A group photo our very first Degree students!
The event ended at 5pm. Thanks to all my fellow classmates and lecturers who made this event a success!

Results time! How did it go....?????
For the 5 of us...We did well, we passed and we are Finally Graduating as Physiotherapist!

Graduation is in 2months time! Can't wait!

You know what, there's still so much to talk and share with each and everyone of you...
All I can say is, Success is in your very own hands. 
It's all up to you to reach for your goals. 
God do help us by blessing us,
but you cannot leave it all up to HIM, without you putting in effort. 
Think positive, be positive, and be confident! 
Believe in yourself!
because if you don't who will?

All the best to you guys and girls out there.

Love y'all=)

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Simple Person said...

congrats .. welcome to the working world.. kekekeke

MingmingGoh said...

oh god Jessy you're so slim so skinny!

Khai Ven said...

Well written..missing all the moments. All the best to you too, babe!