April 21, 2012

Coconut Jelly @ Penang

I love penang tau sar pneah, but this time around I was brought to another shop called 'Ming Xiang Tai' apparently it is much better and tastier than the normal 'baby heang' famous biscuit brand from Penang.

The outlook of the shop
Here you can choose to have your biscuits here during tea time, and try some of their delicious 'tau fu far' or take away, it's up to you.
 We tasted their famous Egg tarts, salted egg biscuit and tau fu far
Then take away 10boxes to bring back to KL. LOL!
 The interior of the shop, small and cosy
Address: No. 133, Jalan Burma, 10050 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang. 
(located right opposite the huge pet shop)
 Info: They are closed on Monday

Next the long awaited Coconut Jelly!!!!! It's better than Ice Cream, well it's much cooling and special, you'll know why =)
Tadaaaaa.....the famous Penang Coconut Jelly!!!! 
hmmmm....looks like any other ordinary coconut that you can order from anywhere....
Open it up and....
It's Jelly people!!!!!
The coconut is fully sealed, meaning it's like how you order coconut water, and then only they open it up for you. But then, how did they put the jelly inside?

Process: Apparently, they place the entire coconut in the oven and steam it at very high degree. Then they place it in the refrigerator to freeze it. And that's how the jelly is formed. As Easy as A, B, C right??
You guys should really try this in Penang, you won't regret it, trust me! unless you hate coconut? I can't think of a reason how anyone can hate this....

Joez Coconut Jelly
 Address: 201 Jalan Dato Keramat Georgetown, 
10150 George Town, Penang

p/s: For those of you who want to try can actually have this is Kl Sentral too. 
They have an outlet there=)

Basically, that's all about my trip in Penang. I shall end this post with a bowl of Asam Laksa which is my favourite delicacy in Penang, always and forever.

5 lollipops :

missyblurkit said...

i love that coconut jelly. proudly a penang product!

Simple Person said...

I never heard abt coconut jelly...
Will sure try....
D tau fu far n egg tarts are my fav......

Henry Tan said...

ming xiang tai? never heard about it! lol at jalan burma? wow.. always pass by there but never know it existence. =S lol
should go try ad! thanks for the info! =D

Nikel Khor said...

The coconut jelly is awesome... I hope to have it at KL sentral now!

Jessy said...

missyblurkit: yes it is=)

simple person: you should try, it's yummeh!!!!!

Henry Tan: haha now that you've heard of it, you can go try it! yep js located opposite the pet shop.

Nikel: not sure if they taste the same, but if u're craving for it, just hit to Kl sentral now. haha