March 15, 2012

Laura Mercier Lingerie Spring 2012

The launching of Laura Mercier Lingerie Spring 2012 was held during the launching of their Kiosk in Sunway Pyramid. So I bet some of you might think they have their range of 'Lingerie' I thought so too. But it's actually their make up products. 

Laura’s inspiration for 2012 draws from her background as a fine art painter and focuses on the mood and attitude of women through different art periods.  Hence for Spring 2012, she focuses on the soft romantic colours and fabrics of the Victorian Age
With the Romantic Modern and Feminine theme, to represent their line of new products whereby the collection is a modern interpretation of this feminine era, showcasing a palette of colours inspired by Boudoir vintage lingerie: lace, linen, silks, and petticoats.

I personally love Laura Mercier products especially when it comes to their foundation and primer. It could last me the entire day and I love the final touch up/end result of it.  
With the MHB babes; YeeIng,Sammy and JiaYeen
We had Jody Riley an international make up artist in the house, and she was giving makeup tips based on her expertise. So there she is demonstrating her 'all the girls want' skills. I wish I wish!!!!
 Finally a group photo with the bunch of MHB girls. 
Seriously, Who doesn't love make up?

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Isabel said...

You know, some shots of you really remind me of Qiuqiu lols

Mingming;G said...

linked you Jessy! :)