March 12, 2012

Inclined Elevator

 Ever tried taking a ride on an inclined elevator?? Well I have! And it was fun because I'm afraid of heights.
 2-way tickets or`else you got to walk down after.
It's like a cable car only that you have tracks.The difference is, you stand all the way&all the way down, and you got to press the 'close' and '1st floor' button once you're in the lift. DIY yo!
We went up up up to see the big 'Guan Yin'
Dragon and Pig 
We pray and we bought colorful wishing ribbons, wonder what baby wrote for me.
 The 'Pig' relaxing while waiting to take the elevator down, pose banyak banyak!
 The view from up above

5 lollipops :

Henry Tan said...

I thought what inclined elevator pulak! rupa-rupanya is this. haha

Isaac Tan said...

y ur photos all so nice one! uwaaa jelly ><

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Isabel said...

Eh it looks more complete now compared to when I went there. I remember it was hot and sunny that day then on the way down, can feel sticky bodies in the small space hahaha! eww..

Mingming;G said...

hello Pretty girl :)

Simple Person said...

d kuan yin is really amazing...