February 26, 2012

Sunday Post: Heading North

Oh I miss it! I love it! Because I just love to Travel!
My traveling partner....Mr.So (when he was still fit)

And where are we heading to????

 Yep Yep Yep Da Bridge!!!!

Owhh...We took like 4 hours plus to reach the bridge!
SLOW... Because the car is heavy....hmmm.... Oh! We had an extra baggage in the car....

It was Rachel BUNNY!!!

Stay tune for more, because I got nice nice food to intro to all of you. Don't worry it's not the boring old food that most of the a,b,c and d go to when they head to Penang, well maybe just one or two.

Happy Sunday!

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Jessie said...

hey new follower here~~ im jessie too ! nice to meet ya~~ i like penang ~~ ;D