February 22, 2012

Lovers and Leashes, Jaya One

I attended an event for dogs "Lovers and Leashes" on 12 February held in Jaya One. It was my first time attending an event for dogs, besides pet fairs held in Midvalley. Lovers and Leashes is a charity event for the SPCA. According to one of the staff, they will have events like this every 2 months or so.
Wanted to bring Dino along with me, you know to social social, but being my first time there, and not knowing how the condition will be like, I decided not to. Dino is a rascal, for a miniature, he CAN get Out of Control. That's is why I have high blood pressure, because I have to scream my lungs out if he goes crazy! Tsk!
When we first arrived, I saw this 2 Huge Huskies!!!! OMG! Scared die me! That's the owner of the two huskies! Seriously a dog that big, can drag me across the neighborhood!
They have a 'play pent' for the Not so Big dogs to social with other dogs. See how they start sniffing others butt butt. For some of you who have no idea why, That is how they greet other dogs "Hello" Seriously!

There's this Golden Retriever who is really naughty! He goes around barking at other dogs, and in the 'Play Pent' he took the tennis ball and didn't wanna give it to the trainer.
 That's the trainier trying to instruct the Retriever to bring the ball back. Good Luck!
 Look at this super furry animal!!!! 
Is it a Lion? No! It's a Chow-Chow! He looks so cute! He's only few months old!
He's like the center of attention!

Then we have the 'Husky Club', damn LanC! They only hang out with their own kind!
I want Schnauzer Club, I don't care!
 The three huskies looking at one direction, trying to look good in front of the camera. 
Okay dogs can be really Vain, you know!
 Somehow I find this picture really funny. It's like A Black Sausage surrounded by a group of wolves!
"It's time for lunch mates"
 We have fashion dogs as well, like this two poodles! 
I hate poodles, but they are really Cute!
 I was there with Rachel and Ning
 And Mr.SimonSO

Look who's that???
Helloooo, Mo Mo, he dint get to attend the doggy event, because he had to go for a hair cut! 
We left early to pick Mo up, and  Look how handsome he is now, thanks to LeToro Grooming =)

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Hilda Milda™ said...

The two huskies sure are huge! :O Momo is sooooo adorable too :DDD

Xue Ren said...

OMG! all the doggie so cutee! especially the fashion poodles! :D

Shiok Leng said...

Eh? I thought those were alaskan malamutes? The first two dogs. But OMG! SO MANY DOGS! So cute!

Mabel Lai said...

So was there any activities or competitions going on except giving the dogs a chance to socialize?
P/s: your dog is so CUTE!