February 25, 2012

Find KL Budget Hotels @ iBilik

I have friends who come down to KL from Penang, Malacca, or Ipoh and even from overseas, but the Hotel rates in KL is just crazy. The only budget hotel I know is tune hotel. Recently, got to know about this website call ibilik whereby there's a list of all the KL budget hotels you can find.

For convenient sake it is good, and the rentals stated on the website is pretty reasonable, it cost only about RM50-RM150 for maximum 2 pax. Most of the budget hotels are in strategic places whereby there are easy access to public transport, food, the rooms are air conditioned (KL is so HOT, you cant survived without one), it's near all the shopping complexes in KL and all the clubbing and drinking places.

One hotel which I stumbled upon which have quite a good review on it's cleanliness(I know most of you are very particular in this) is:
Hotel Chill Inn (Double room) which cost only RM65/night.
 Services: Air-con, INTERNET-Free Wifi, Airport pick up and drop off *open mouth wide wide*
Airport drop off and pick up plus free wifi is double the awesomeness, as most hotels in KL charges you for internet-hourly/day.
Quite a number of backpackers stays here.
and this are the reviews

If you're traveling in a group of 6, there's also a Hotel which provides a room for that. Hotel China Town 2, not only offers room for 2 but  it also offers a Family Room for RM250/night for max 6 pax. 
 From the picture, the room looks pretty neat and spacious=)
For tourist who do not know, ChinaTown, is a tourist attraction place, as it is located in the heart of Chinatown, KL. It's like the hotel I stayed in Hong Kong, Mong Kok, whereby you can just walk down the streets and eat eat eat and shop shop shop all you want. Public transports are everywhere! But this is way cheaper! Like WOW!

For backpackers and those who wanna do a budget travel, just log onto KL Budget Hotels @ iBilik and select your budget hotel that you find suitable and book it on the spot! It's that simple!

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Simple Person said...

d hotel looks clean n nice..
most important is there any hidden camera around.. LOL...

Hilda Milda™ said...

I actually found the house to rent in Terengganu through iBilik (:

Cheap Hotels China said...

Keep update to your blog and keep posting realistic and good. Thanks

hotels in kl said...

good hotel , i love ibilik!