April 3, 2014

Taking the Hong Kong Tram

To our HK friends, taking the Tram would means "Kap Zhan" (sucking in dust). But since we requested and so happen they felt like a tourist too, we got the chance to take a Tram to Lan Kwai Fong. Wohooooo!

While waiting for the tram out in the cold. To snap this picture, one would have to stand on the track, so it is pretty risky for the photographer. We had quite a few tries before snapping this two photos. Because the Tram was passing by, and the photographer had to run back into the station.

Finally after waiting for about 15minutes, our Tram arrived! *Ding Ding Ding*
In case you're wondering how the Tram looks like 
Next would definitely be lotsa photo session on board. I guess this would be my first and last time taking the Tram in HK.
 My sister
 Shirley, Winnie, Jessy
 Pose: Duck face

Simon and Michael
 (Michael previously works for TVB as an assistant Director, WOW!)
 The Hongkiesss
 Lastly, our must have 'The Tourist in the Tram' shot
Taking the Tram was quite an experience, and we get to see around HK city and enjoy the cold breeze (ONLY if you go on a cool weather). If it is Summer, good luck, you will not enjoy it. But it is definitely worth taking=)
~Peace Out~ Will be updating on Lan Kwai Fong next!

March 28, 2014

Steamboat - HK style

It was my 3rd time visiting Hong Kong, but I have not tried any of their steamboat. Not even Once! I've been a loyal TVB fan for more than 20 years now. I watched them eat steamboat all the time in most of TVB dramas.

Finally, I get to try it, and the best part is it was during cold cold weather! Woah!

 Agnes, our HK friend brought us here. Thank you so much!

For this steamboat, we first have to choose the 'Spicy Level', so we went with a pot of Spicy and another pot of Not Spicy because some of us could not eat spicy food.
So as you can see, the entire pot is filled with vegetables. And that is how you eat it in HK style. LOL! Just kidding!
 We have to stir the pot. So will first be served with a pot filled with chicken meat. We have to finish up all the meat.
 After finishing all the meat, soup will be added to the pot. 
Yes! The Dry chicken sauce will be part of the soup paste
 Let it heat up....

Walahhhh...Dinner is served!

I really enjoyed eating this style of steamboat. A friend of mine told me that we have it in KL as well, off Old Klang Road. I'm not sure if it's good, but I can predict it will not be as good as the one I had in HK. So if you guys would like to try something new, try checking out the outlet in Old Klang.