July 8, 2014

Farm In The City

On the weekend, decided to go for an outing with my family. A friend of mine introduced this place  called "Farm in the City" to Simon and I, and we decided to bring my little niece along. It is somewhat like a petting zoo.
The entrance fee is RM30/person (with MyKad) and for children is RM12.

I love how this place can allow children to interact with animals. They are able to pet and touch the animals, no restrictions. Of cuz I do see some children who went out of control, and as a parent, you should control your kids, not allow your kid to flung the animals around and squeeze them super tight.

I will let the picture do the talking.

Not only you get to feed the fishes, you get to catch them too! muahahahhaha! The children love this, they can stay there for hours catching the Longkang fishes.

Look who's that?
Mr Monkey came to say "hi" he is a naughty fella.

We enjoyed ourselves very much. It was a fun family outing. However, there is something which I am quite unhappy with. Their operating hours was supposed to be till 6pm, but by 5.45pm the staff already started keeping all the animals and stuff. My sis and I wanted to purchase a family picture of us which was taken by them, guess what! By the time we were at the exit(before 6pm), they already kept the entire computer/printer/ and whatsoever. Potong stim!

If you wish to visit them, don't forget to call up to check if they are open.

June 30, 2014

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner

To me eyeliner is one of my main make up tool, the MUST have as it really enhances a person's eyes. I have sleepy eyes, and the size of my eyes is not balance. Hence eyeliner to me is super important. In fact more important than Mascara.
I'm happy to intro my latest review, which is the Kiss Me Shiny Jewel Eyeliner.

This eyeliner comes in three differen colours:
01 (Black) is really good to create a more vivid look as it really brightens your look.
02 (Brown) is soft and creates a more natural
03 (Pink White) is suitable for the bottom eye to create a more Kawaii and innocent look.

I'm currently using Kiss Me heavy rotation eyeliner (non-glitter in black) mainly for events and special dinners. Since I needed another for day time use, I decided to pick Shiny Brown.
I use brown eyeliner for day time or even sometimes for normal occasion at night because I prefer a more natural look.
Another thing why I love this eyeliner is the Ultra-thin brush. If you just wanna apply a thin fine layer, is super fast and easy. This eyeliner is not super watery, hence it dries up quite fast. Just apply on and leave it for about 5seconds before you open your eyes.
Here are a few strokes. The first stroke, is the first stroke I apply. Like duhhh...Lol. Just one layer, and as you can see it is quite dark already. The Middle stroke is darker because I applied twice. Hence if you would want to enhance your eyes even more, just apply another 1-2 layer. 

This two picture above looks the same right. The picture on the left I just apply one layer and leave it to dry for few seconds. The picture on the right, is a after picture whereby I tried rubbing on the layer of eyeliner, pretty hard. But it did not smudge. So it is really Smudge proof. For those of you who have slightly Oily eyes, this eye liner is resistant to the little Sweat, Sebum and Tears.

Oh not forgetting, this is a 'film-type' eyeliner, hence it can be easily removed with lukewarm water. I tried and it really can be removed easily. Nice for lazy people like me. I don't need to use the make up remover, hahaha! It is not waterproof, so if you plan to go swimming with it, I will advice you not to, it will not smudge but if you Rub it with your hands, your eye liner will come off, unless you really don't rub your eyes.

Now let me show you how natural it can look.
 (Left) Before and (Right) After

So natural right! I super duper love natural light make up. Looks as if I did not apply any eyeliner, but my eyes look bright and sharp!

This Kiss Me Shiny Jewel Eye Liner is available at selected Sasa and Watsons Outlets at RM49.90.
You can also check out their Fb page facebook.com/KissMeMY for the latest products and updates!